Digital & Academic Resources Centre induction for new users.

Hello, welcome to the DARC's online induction. Here you will find out all about the DARC's resources and how you can access them. Please watch our induction video as it contains some important information to help you get the most out of the library.

DARC (Formerly Library) Induction Video

Download a transcript of the Northampton College Libraries Induction Clip (Word doc)

DARC Frequently Asked Questions

What does DARC mean?

DARC stands for Digital and Academic Resources Centres. Previously we were known as the Library, however our involvement with digital initiatives and innovation at the heart of the College prompted a name change to recognise the breadth of resources and services we offer.


What can the DARC offer Northampton College Students?

There is a wealth of resources available in the DARC - thousands of books, DVDs and e-books. Study spaces, computers, Macs and printers are also available for your study needs. Visit the DARC online catalogue to see all the resources we have to offer!


What do I need in order to access the DARC resources?

Your Student ID card also allows you to borrow resources from the DARC. This will enable you to borrow resources as well as use the printers. Make sure you always have your card with you whilst at College.


Can I study in the DARC?

We have individual study spaces which are equipped with computers, or you can use your own devices. We also have Group Rooms and Silent Study areas across the three centres.


Can I print in the DARC?

The DARC offers black and white printing and photocopying using your Student ID Card. The centres at Lower Mounts and Daventry also have colour printers available. All students have £20 worth of credit assigned to their card at the beginning of the year. You can top this up with extra credits at the Information Desk. (Please note that we can only accept cashless payments).


How long can I borrow resources for?

Students can borrow up to six items at once with most resources available for four weeks at a time. Items can then be renewed twice, either online, in person, email or by phone. Some books labelled as 'Reference Only' can be used inside the DARC but must not be taken away. We currently do not charge fines for late items however if they become severely overdue, you will be invoiced for the price of the book.

See help guide: How to use the online catalogue to reserve and renew items.

Many textbooks are also available as an eBook, please ask Library staff for help accessing these.


Can you help me with my studies?

Need assistance with assignments or want help with homework?

Learning Facilitators can help you with Referencing, Revision, Research and so much more! Book a one-to-one session or just drop in to see us. Find out more about what support is available.


Am I allowed to talk in the DARC?

You are allowed to talk quietly but we do ask that you keep the noise levels to a minimum and show consideration to other users who are studying. Please take any phone calls outside in the corridor.


Can I eat in the DARC?

We do not allow eating or drinking in the DARC except for bottled water.



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