Library induction for new users.

Hello, welcome to the library's online induction. Here you will find out all about the library's great resources and how you can access them. Please watch our induction video as it contains some important information to help you get the most out of the library.

Library Induction Video

Download a transcript of the Northampton College Libraries Induction Clip 2020 (Word doc)

Library Frequently Asked Questions

What can the Library offer Northampton College Students?

There is a wealth of resources available in the Library - thousands of books, DVDs, e-books, computers, Macs, printers, scanners and photocopiers.


What do I need in order to access the Library resources?

Your student ID card also acts as your Library card. This will enable you to borrow books. There is currently restricted physical access to the Library centres so please search our catalogue for resources and request them here


How long can I borrow books for?

All books are currently available for four weeks.


Will I be charged if my books are late?

Yes. You will be charged 5p per item for each day once an item becomes overdue. If we send several reminders and the books have not been returned, you will be invoiced and your computer privileges will be taken away until the book is returned.


How do I log on to my College computer account?

You need to type in your student username which is the number on your student ID card. You will then need to type in a password. You will need to create this password when you first log on. If you forget your password, a member of Library staff can reset it for you at the desk.


How do I print?

We have black and white printers in every Library. You will need to send your work to the 'FollowMePrinter'. Colour printing is available at Lower Mounts and Daventry at a cost of 6p a sheet. Colour printing at Booth Lane is available from the Print Room (R019)


Is there someone I can talk to about help with my studies?

Learning Facilitators may be able to help you! Find out more about what they can offer here.


Am I allowed to talk in the Library

You are allowed to talk quietly but we do ask that you keep the noise levels to a minimum and show consideration to other users who are studying in the Library. Please take any phone calls outside the Library.


Can I eat in the Library?

We do not allow eating or drinking in the Library except for bottled water.