On this page you will find many useful resources mainly suitable for your ESOL course including physical Library stock, eBooks, eResources and websites.

Finding ESOL Resources

All books have a classification number on the spine. Here are some class marks to get you started. Click on the class marks below to find out what the Library has to offer for each topic.

ESOL Readers

Short, easy-to-read fiction arranged by levels.

Online versions of these are available below.

ESOL Reader eBooks

The following Penguin ESOL Reader books are available to read online. Click the image below to read it via the Penguin Readers website. First, you will need to log in with the details listed on the passwords Moodle page.

Once logged in, click on My Library and then Unlocked Books before selecting a book book cover and then clicking View Book to view the digital version

Penguin Readers

ESOL eResources

Here is a list of commonly used resources. Click an image link to go to that website. Please note that these are external sites and Northampton College holds no responsibility over their content or availability.

First NewsFirst News is a brilliant national newspaper that makes news fun and easy to digest! Even better, their in-depth, interactive articles and stories can be read online 24/7 from home or College!
To log in and read the latest edition, you will need to enter the First News Education ID which can be found on the Library's Moodle page.
BBC Radio 2 500 Words logoBBC Radio 2 500 Words: A selection of brilliant stories perfect for ESOL students to read!
A Bit About Britain logoA Bit About Britain is a website containing almost 50 pages of information, more than 440 articles, lists over 900 places of interest and includes thousands of photographs. The articles feature mainstream attractions, such as well-known castles and historic houses, as well pieces about less obvious places of interest, events in Britain’s history and the origins of some of Britain's customs and traditions.
BBC logoTim’s Pronunciation Workshop from the BBC features short videos focusing on the lesser known details of pronunciation.
duolingo logoDuolingo makes learning fun and addictive! Earn points for correct answers, race against the clock, and level up. Choose your nationality and start learning English today! (Registration required)
elllo logoEnglish Listening Lesson Library Online has thousands of videos to help you learn English. Listen and then do the short quizzes.
EngVid logoHundreds of video lessons taught by native (mostly) British speakers.
Free Rice logoFree Rice: Broaden your vocabulary and donate rice at the same time! For every answer you get right, sponsors donate the money for 10 grains of rice.
Gramma Monster logoGrammar Monster: Online lessons, quizzes, tests and glossaries. Contains sections on commonly mixed up words, word types, and punctuation.
Phonics bloom logoPhonics is the best way to improve your reading and pronunciation. Phonics Bloom has plenty of games to help you practice.
Phonics Play logoPhonics Play provides more phonics games to help you practice pronunciation and reading skills. logoUsing English provides tonnes of resources for ESOL students (and teachers). Complete quizzes and reading comprehension, or read an article.

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