Word Detective

Word Detective is now over for this academic year.

Please visit the Library in September to sign up for next year's scheme.

Word Detective on Google Classroom

What is Word Detective?

Word Detective is a 20-week literacy scheme designed to improve vocabulary and writing skills

How does it work?

  1. There will be three new words each week which will be posted on Google Classroom. Find a meaning for each word in a dictionary and write it in the space provided.
  2. Write your own sentence using each word.
  3. Submit your answers and await feedback from Library staff. This will be sent to your College email address.

How do I join?

Please join with one of the codes below, depending on which site you are studying at. Please only join with ONE of the following codes:

Booth Lane:  Code will appear in September for next year's scheme.

Lower Mounts:  Code will appear in September for next year's scheme.

Daventry:  Code will appear in September for next year's scheme.

Click here for help with logging in to Google Classroom for the first time

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Words So Far...

For those students not completing the scheme on Google Classroom, we will be updating the words so far on a weekly basis below.

Week 1: Words will appear here in September

An Award Winning Scheme...

The Library is a previous winner of the CoLRic Best Practice Award for its Word Detective literacy support scheme.

The Best Practice Awards are national awards that are designed to highlight excellence in Library initiatives that really make a difference. CoLRiC commented that the scheme is ‘simple and effective, putting the Library at the heart of the College's learning activity’.

Entries were shortlisted by the CoLRiC Executive Committee and winners were chosen by an independent judge. The Library was presented with the award at the Library Awards Ceremony in May 2017.




Word Detective awards presentation

Library staff that created the scheme. From left Yvonne Hefford, Tom Hewitt and Sheila Lloyd