Information & Study Skills

Here to help you with your studies

Being able to find the information that you need from a reliable source and then be able to asses its value is a key skill and developing your own study skills is central to becoming an independent learner. Writing skills are central to your success at Northampton College and developing your IT skills is vital for your studies as well as future employment.

The Library can offer support within any of the following areas. Click on any of the topics below to go to the Information and Study Skills Moodle page which includes Study Smart courses for each topic (see below for more information) as well as activities, PowerPoint presentations and useful information leaflets.

Learning Facilitators

The Library's Learning Facilitators are available to support you in developing your writing, computer, information and study skills. They are here to help you on your path to independent learning. If you need help with any of the areas listed above please talk to a Learning Facilitator.

Please note that access to Learning Facilitators this year is via appointment only. Please email with information on which areas or topics you would like help with. We will then arrange an appointment with you as soon as possible.

Study Smart

Study Smart is a great way of improving your Information and Study Skills and becoming an independent learner. This self-paced programme will guide you through all of the important elements you need to develop your Information & Study Skills.

Whether you attend an Information & Study Skills session with a Learning Facilitator, or teach yourself using our paper or online resources, you can take a test on Moodle, and if you pass,  you’ll be awarded a badge!

Challenge yourself today by visiting the Library's Moodle page here