Christmas Hamper Winners Announced!

The Library is pleased to announce the winners of this year's Christmas Hampers! Congratulations go to Shannon Jordan, Helen Quantrell and Pete Wallis, who all won hampers for Lower Mounts, Daventry and Booth Lane respectively. Well done also to Rosa Delgado and Sassy Lopez-Wright who won runner-up prizes.

Also taking place was the draw for the students that took part with the Library Christmas puzzles. Well done to Tammy Freel, Rebecca Adejumo, Katrina Bird, Maxine Keir, Dean Kemp and Poppy Wright who completed the puzzles and were chosen at random to win a seasonal prize!

The hampers returned this year with the aim to raise funds for this year's chosen charities. An amazing total of £427 was raised between the three Library centres. which will be split between The Hope Centre, Mind Daventry and Cransley Hospice, in memory of our former colleague, Daniel Stannard.

We would like to thank all staff and students for their generous donations towards the Library's fund-raising efforts, it is truly appreciated.


Shannon Jordan - Daventry hamper winner 2023

Shannon Jordan, Lower Mounts hamper winner

Helen Quantrell - Daventry hamper winner 2023

Helen Quantrell, Daventry hamper winner

Pete Wallis - Daventry hamper winner 2023

Pete Wallis, Booth Lane hamper winner

Tammy Freel - Lower Mounts puzzles winner 2023

Tammy Freel, Library Christmas Puzzles winner

Rebecca Adejumo - Lower Mounts puzzles winner 2023

Rebecca Adejumo, Library Christmas Puzzles winner

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