How to download Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft 365

Did you know that you can download a free copy of Microsoft Office?

As a student at Northampton College, you can download Microsoft Office apps for free.

Microsoft Office includes:

Microsoft Word - Word Processor

Microsoft Excel - Spreadsheet

Microsoft PowerPoint - Presentations

Microsoft Outlook - Email

Microsoft Access - Database (not available on Mac computers)


To access Office 365 go to in your web browser and click on the 'Sign In' button.

Enter your college email (eg

You will be prompted to enter your college email as well as your college password.

Download the full app to your own computer/laptop by clicking ‘Install Office’. You can use the Microsoft Office applications on up to five devices, including PC/Mac, tablet and mobile. Alternatively you can choose to use the browser based versions of each app, which will save your work on your personal cloud storage space through Microsoft OneDrive.


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