English (GCSE)

On this page you will find many useful resources mainly suitable for GCSE English including physical Library stock, eBooks, eResources, websites and videos.

Finding English Resources

All books have a classification number on the spine. Here are some class marks to get you started. Click on the class marks below to find out what the Library has to offer for each topic. To request to borrow resources, please click here

Fiction Books

The Libraries have large collections of Fiction books across a number of genres. To request to borrow resources below, please click here

Selected GCSE English eBooks

English eBooks can be accessed for free from home or college 24/7 and means no lugging heavy books around! Click on one of the eBooks below or visit our eBooks section to search for even more titles. You may need to log in via Shibboleth, or through your institution. Just select 'Northampton College' and log in using your student ID and password.

English eResources

Here is a list of commonly used resources. Click an image link to go to that website. Please note that these are external sites and Northampton College holds no responsibility over its content or availability.

BBC Bitesize: Tips and tricks for writing, spelling, grammar and analysing texts. English learning resources for GCSE English Language students.
Grammar Flip: A handy website that demonstrates how sentence structures work in English: The 'simple, compound and complex sentence' sections are particularly useful.
IXL: A range of online practise questions organised by topic. For GCSE level, select year 11 and above.
The Oatmeal - Grammar and Punctuation: A fun, comic-style illustrated site of online literature - with an area offering guidance with grammar and punctuation. Great for visual learners!
Lexico Online Dictionaries: Basic grammatical terms are usefully explained here, so check out the grammar glossary and make a start in getting familiar with their names!
YourDictionary.com: Use this glossary of rhetorical techniques to help your writing pack persuasive punch. Persuasive argument skills are needed to succeed in exam paper 2.
The British Library: This website allows you to discover literature from a range of different historical periods.

Library Literary Competition

Once Upon a Dream Literary Competition - Enter your poems and stories here

The Library is inviting all students and staff to enter this year’s Daniel Stannard Literary competition.

Whether it’s a real life aspiration, a fantasy world created by your imagination or inspired by your own dreams or nightmares, this competition is a great way to express yourself through words!

Entries can be in the form of a poem or short story and must be no longer than 1500 words. Please submit your entry below by by Friday 11th December. Entries will be judged and winners will receive a prize!

Enter online here!

Good luck!

Planet eStream Videos

Planet eStream is an amazing video-on-demand service that holds thousands of film, TV and radio resources for use with your studies. Click below to search  videos you may find useful for your course.

To log in:

  1. Go to Planet eStream
  2. Enter your College login details and password then click Log in

Planet eStream logo

Information and Study skills

The Library can offer support within any of the following areas. Click on any of the topics below to go to the Information and Study Skills Moodle page which includes Study Smart courses for each topic as well as activities, PowerPoint presentations and useful information leaflets.

Northampton College Libraries’ Learning Facilitators are available to support you in developing your writing, computer, information and study skills. They are here to help you on your path to independent learning. If you need help with any of the areas listed above please talk to a Learning Facilitator.

Please note that access to Learning Facilitators this year is via appointment only. Please email library@northamptoncollege.ac.uk with information on which areas or topics you would like help with. We will then arrange an appointment with you as soon as possible.