Well done to everyone who has achieved their DigiCap certificate 🙂

Developing your IT skills is vital. DigiCap can help support you on your path to independent learning. There are four levels to DigiCap: Bronze, Sliver, Gold and Platinum. You can start your DigiCap journey at whatever level you feel confident at. There is a Tracker booklet that allows you to record your achievements as you progress through the DigiCap levels. Ask a member of the library team for more information. DigiCap workbooks and trackers are available from all libraries or click on the image links below to download your Tracker and Workbook.


DigiCap Tracker

DigiCap Tracker Workbook. Developing your IT skills is vital. Download the workbook to keep track of your digital achievements!

DigiCap Bronze

Bronze. This is the basic level and if you have little or no computer experience you should start here. Learn how to switch on a computer and do things like use a mouse and access the internet.

DigiCap Silver

Silver. This is the second stage of DigiCap. Start here if you already have some computer skills. After this level you should be able to cope with most of the computer requirements of your course.

 DigiCap Gold

Gold. Take your computer skills to the next level. Find out how to do things like add headers and footers in Word and use social media in a safe way.

DigiCap Platinum

Platinum. Become the ultimate computer user with the highest DigiCap level! Platinum users are able to add graphs in Excel and make your own quizzes online.