Advent Calendar – 8th December

17 days to go!


Valentina decorating the tree

Valentina gets in to the festive spirit by decorating her rather unusual Christmas tree!

Christmas Book of the Day

Doctor Who: The Twelve Doctors of Christmas

Inside this festive book of Doctor Who stories, you'll find timey-wimey mysteries, travels in the TARDIS, monster-chasing excitement and plenty of Christmas magic. Find out what happens when the third Doctor meets Jackie Tyler, the seventh Doctor and Ace encounter an alien at Macy's department store and the Ninth Doctor tries to get rose a red bicycle for Christmas.

With stories by Jacqueline Rayner, Colin Brake, Richard Dungworth, Mike Tucker, Gary Russell and Scott Handcock, plus twelve original illustrations by artists including the award-winning Rob Biddulph. (Description from

This book is available to borrow from the Library via the online request form

Doctor Who Twelve Doctors of Christmas

Christmas Word of the Day


A wavelike ridge of hard snow formed by the wind.
Sastruga effect in snow

Did you know?


The tradition of putting tangerines in stockings comes from 12th-century French nuns who left socks full of fruit, nuts and tangerines at the houses of the poor.