Word Detective and Maths Magician are back!

The Library will be welcoming back two popular schemes this week as Word Detective and Maths Magician will be making their long awaited returns.

Word Detective

Word Detective is a 20-week literacy scheme designed to improve vocabulary and writing skills. There will be three new words displayed in the Library and posted on the Library website each week. The challenge is to find a meaning and write your own sentence using each word. Once you’ve completed each week, bring your diary to the Library desk where it will be checked by a member of staff.

For information on signing up, please visit our Word Detective section


Maths Magician

Maths Magician is a 20-week numeracy scheme using ‘scenarios’ based in practical situations to solve puzzles. Question sheets for each week will be available to collect from the Library. You will need to collect your Maths Magician diary from the Library desk before you start.

Find out more by visiting our Maths Magician section

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