Students recognised for progress in DigiCap scheme

This week, the Library has been recognising students’ progress in DigiCap, an award-winning scheme created to increase confidence in students digital skills. Daventry student Jack Dolan is one of those to have received a certificate of achievement.

DigiCap student, Jack Dolan
Jack Dolan

Jack is studying Digital Skills with Northampton College Libraries alongside his main programme; L1 Vehicle Mechanical Maintenance & Repair. Inspired by his Grandad, Jack has always had an interest in computers, building his first PC at age nine and drones when he was just 10 years old. After completing his Foundation studies last year, he decided to study Mechanics as he enjoyed working on his moped.

Jack is the first student at Northampton College to complete the Bronze, Silver and Gold Levels of the Digital Skills course and has set his goal to be the first student to complete the whole course. Jack says, “I think it’s really fun and interesting. I enjoy working with computers and hope progress to Electrical Engineering, and ultimately go on to build Radars in the RAF like my grandad did.”

Kate Brown, Learning Facilitator Coordinator said, ‘Jack is amazing, he brightens my week. He was so chuffed when I told him he was the first person out of 450 to finish silver!’

Nearly 600 students are enrolled on the Digital Skills course, which alongside core subjects like English and Maths aims to raise the bar for students capabilities in this digital world, equipping them for the workplace and giving them confidence to produce professional quality coursework for their main qualification.

We would also like to congratulate the following students for their achievements in Digital Skills and thank Jenny Thorpe, Assistant Principal for presenting the certificates to students in celebration of their successes:

Daventry Awards

  • Jay Cummins, Bronze
  • Jack Coucill, Bronze
  • Brian Raisborough, Bronze
  • Cameron Davies, Bronze
  • Chloe Kelly, Bronze
  • Tia Cheney, One of the first to complete Silver
  • Sophie Connors, Excellent PowerPoint
  • Reece Maycock, Excellent Publisher leaflet
  • Coral Rees-Rampley, Excellent PowerPoint

Lower Mounts Awards

  • Alex Brown, Bronze
  • Kara Bartlett, Bronze
  • Jonathan Sotaj, Excellent PowerPoint
  • Shannon Summerfield, Bronze
  • Rebeca Peral Casado, Bronze
  • Cheynie Wallman, Bronze
  • Megan Ferguson, Bronze
  • Millie Fletcher, Bronze
  • Mollie Harding, Bronze
  • Hannah Gibbins, Bronze
  • Minh Nguyen, Bronze
  • Tallie Perryman, Bronze
  • Mia Newbold, Excellent Publisher leaflet
  • Lucy Beacall, Excellent PowerPoint

Booth Lane Awards

  • Joshua Cass, One of the first to complete Silver

  • Malachy Donno, One of the first to complete Silver

  • Jack Davies- Lee, Bronze

  • Katie Anne Flynn, Bronze

  • Kyle Ghanie, Bronze

  • Sky Crockford, Bronze

  • Sophia Gibbon, Bronze

  • Alfie Borg – amazing PowerPoint

  • Aurelia Lombardoni – Excellent PowerPoint

  • Adem Turen – Excellent Publisher leaflet

  • Christian Williams – Excellent PowerPoint

  • Filip Begka – Excellent PowerPoint

  • Freddie Buckland – Excellent Publisher leaflet

  • Robert Balouianu – Excellent PowerPoint



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