Reading Ahead Success

The Library is pleased to announce that a total of 132 students completed the Reading Ahead scheme this year,despite the College closure due to Lockdown! This is such a massive achievement and shows that students not only have a willingness to continue but a massive determination to succeed.

This means that the Library has won  Silver Award from the Reading Agency which we will receive in the Autumn. Well done to everybody involved in this achievement!

Here are some quotes from some of our challenge completers:

‘I enjoyed the extra motivation to pick up a book. I thought I never had the time, but it turns out I do’.

-Daniel Smith

‘I always read books with my little sister, aged 8. And thanks to that she loves reading too’.
‘Reading Ahead has improved my English from a 3 to 10. I’ve spoken about Reading Ahead with my family and they think it’s a great opportunity to improve my English vocabulary’.

Eunice Darko-Addison

I loved reading so many books, it truly made me feel so much better this year. It was the first time I ever picked up a book and now I love reading. It really means a lot to me and you made it that way!’

-Mahima Khan
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