Lockdown Art Competition Winners

We are pleased to announce the winners of the Library’s Art Competition 2020!

Voting took place on the Library website for two weeks, where we had over 183 votes. Thank you to everybody that took time to vote during this period.

We aimed to catch a glimpse of life in these challenging times whilst exercising creativity to showcase the talents of college students and staff and we feel that you have all done just that!

Congratulations to all winners and a huge thank you to everybody that took the time to enter during Lockdown, alongside your study or work from home.

1st place - 'Life in Lockdown with Bipolar Disorder' by Jessica Shrubb
‘Life in Lockdown with Bipolar Disorder’ by Jessica Shrubb
(Pencil, graphite pencil, watercolour)

Jessica says:This is an A2 drawing using coloured pencils, graphite pencils and watercolours. I wanted to show the two sides of bipolar disorder, and what I’ve been battling with during lockdown.’

2nd place - 'Garden Fence' by Gail Bainger
‘Garden Gate’ by Gail Bainger
(Paint on wood)

Gail says: ‘I decorated our garden gate to brighten it up, and to provide a little reading den under the honeysuckle in our back garden for my youngest daughter (with the addition of a blanket and a couple of cushions). I did have a bit of help painting from my two daughters, aged 10 and 14.’

3rd place - 'Nature is Back' by Amy Walledge
‘Nature is Back’ by Amy Walledge
(3D mixed media)

Amy says: ‘The idea is based on us holding on to nature. Showing that nature is growing throughout Lockdown. I used Modroc and other materials to create this.’

Staff Winner - 'Life in Lockdown Virtual Meeting' by Lois Sawford
‘Life in Lockdown Virtual Meeting’ by Lois Sawford (Apple pencil on iPad Pro)

Lois says:This artwork was done on an iPad Pro using an application called Procreate with an Apple Pencil. It depicts a typical virtual team meeting, for example: someone is usually: half asleep, being pestered by their children, got the dog barking, only showing their chin, waving enthusiastically, way too close, trying to see past their cat, only showing the top of their head and patiently waiting for the meeting to end!’

Library Choice Winner - 'Eye' by Freyja Painting
‘Eye’ by Freyja Painting
(Mixed pencil)

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