Library schemes are back!

The Library is pleased to announce that its flagship schemes have returned for another year across the three Libraries. Here is what is on offer:

Word Detective: a 20-week literacy scheme designed to improve vocabulary, use of a                       dictionary and practice writing skills. Each week we give you three new words to investigate! Write down the word’s definition and the use that word to make a sentence! Click here for the weekly words!

A Creative Writing version is also available which includes creating a story each week using more challenging words than the original scheme. An adapted simpler Pre-Entry scheme is available on request.


Maths Magician: a 20-week numeracy scheme using ‘scenarios’ based in practical situations to solve puzzles. Each week a new maths puzzle is displayed which links to a series of questions in a diary, available to collect from the Library. Solve them on a weekly basis and bring your diary to the Library to be checked! Click here to see the Maths Magician sheet for this week!


Reading Ahead: If you want to improve your reading skills or just want to get back in to reading then Reading Ahead is for you! It is a national reading scheme that encourages reading of six items from a choice of books, magazines, poetry, eBooks and more whilst writing a short paragraph about each one in a diary. Once you’ve completed the scheme, you will receive a certificate and prize! Click here for more information on Reading Ahead



DigiCap: Developing your IT skills is vital. DigiCap can help support you on your path to independent learning. There are four levels to DigiCap: Bronze, Sliver, Gold and Platinum. You can start your DigiCap journey at whatever level you feel confident at. There is a Tracker booklet that allows you to record your achievements as you progress through the DigiCap levels. DigiCap workbooks and trackers are available from all libraries or click here to download your Tracker and Workbook.



Please ask a member of Library staff if you would like to get involved with any of our schemes.

September 30, 2019