Library Art Competition [Now Closed]

Library Art Competition: The Art of the Book - Submit your entry online

The Library’s latest art competition, entitled ‘The Art of the Book’ is now open for entries!

To enter the competition, design a creative art work based on your own interpretation of the theme; it could be a book cover, a three-dimensional design, sculpture or even an illustration of a book or literary character of your choice.

The competition is open to both students and staff as well as the public using any expression or media. This could include but is not limited to:

The deadline for all entries is Friday 25th February. To enter, get your creative juices flowing and attach your work, or a photo of your work to an email and send to

Alternatively hand your work in to the Library desk, along with a completed entry form (available from the Library).

After the deadline date, all entries will be displayed and judged across various categories. The first-place winner will win a £20 voucher.

This competition is now closed for entries. Winners will be announced shortly.

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