Digi-U-Know - Explore some great computer tips and tricks!

Digi-u-know that as well as third party online resources to help with your study, students at Northampton College have access to two software suites that are great for producing your essays and presentations etc. These applications are browser based and work 'in the cloud' so your work is constantly saved as you type and it is accessible from any computer - even outside the college.

The two suites  are Google G Suite and Microsoft Office 365 click on a tab below for more information and how to log on. Click on the Digi-U-Know tab for more amazing computer tips and tricks.

Google G Suite includes:

  • Google Docs - Word Processor
  • Google Sheets - Spreadsheet
  • Google Slides - Presentations
  • Google Forms - Online Survey Creator
  • Google Drive - Cloud Storage

To log into the G Suite go to www.google.com and in the top right hand corner and click on the 'Sign In' button. Enter your ID as your student ID followed by @northamptoncollege.ac.uk (eg ABC12345678@northamptoncollege.ac.uk)

Enter your normal college password when prompted to do so.


Microsoft Office includes:

  • Microsoft Word - Word Processor
  • Microsoft Excel - Spreadsheet
  • Microsoft Powerpoint - Presentations
  • Microsoft OneNote - Free-Form Information Gathering
  • Microsoft OneDrive - Cloud Storage

To access Office 365 go to www.office.com in your web browser and click on the 'Sign In' button. Enter your ID as your student ID followed by @northamptoncollege.ac.uk (eg ABC12345678@northamptoncollege.ac.uk).

If signing in on a college PC you will see the Office 365 homepage, If you log on from outside the college you will be prompted to enter your ID again plus your college password.