Author Provides Inspiration for Creative Writing Workshop

‘The door creaked loudly as Kiera inched it open. She froze.
“What the…?” She mouthed, heart pounding. A waft of damp musty air made her nose itch as she listened hard for any sign that she had been heard. Nothing.
Giving a silent sigh of relief she slid through the partially open door and into the darkness within….’

On Tuesday 23rd April,  26 students from our Foundation, ACE and English courses attended our Creative Writing Workshop in the Library with Local Author Mark Robson to celebrate World Book Night.

Students had great fun ripping and throwing around magazines in a creative exercise to develop a fictional character and story board. Over the next week students will continue writing their stories and a prize for best short story will be awarded at the Library Awards Ceremony in May.

Thank you to Mark for his kind assistance with developing our students’ literary and creative writing skills.

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