Accessing VLe Books: Update

We would like to inform all students and staff that the method of logging in to our eBook platform VLeBooks has changed slightly since a small upgrade to the website. Once you have clicked on the VLe Books logo, please always select ‘Shibboleth’ from the right hand menu and then follow the rest of the steps to log in. Please view the video below for more information.

For those new to VLe Books, the platform features hundreds of popular books for a number of subjects all of which can be downloaded or read online. This is in addition to our existing collection on Ebook Central.

Our eBook platforms have many benefits. Firstly they give you instant access to resources that you need for your study which is perfect during the current lockdown period. They also allow you to search keywords in any of their featured eBooks, enabling you to quickly find what you are looking for.

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